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Primary report benchmarking - organistaion NOT in the ASX 200 as at 1 June 2019

This could be a listed company, listed or unlisted fund, mutual organisation, private company, Government owned entity or not for profit that is seeking to benchmark its external reporting against good practice and the ASX 200.

Non-ASX 200 organisations will need to provide their primary report to stakeholders(annual report or similar) for benchmarking by the KPMG Better Business Reporting team against the ASX 200.

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  1. Complete the form on the left and submit.

  2. You will receive a call from one of the KPMG Better Business Reporting team to clarify your order requirements, which will be formalised in a letter of engagement.

  3. Once the letter of engagement has been agreed and signed, the draft benchmarking report will be issued to your key contact for review, as will the invoice for payment.

  4. A KPMG Better Business Reporting team member will set up a 1 hour briefing with your key contact (and others) to discuss the draft report and associated findings prior to report finalisation. This will be on-site or via video-link, depending on your requirements and office location.

  5. A client satisfaction survey will be issued on completion.