KPMG Financials Checker

Automated checking of financial statements for greater confidence

Financials Checker automates the internal checking of financial statements so you can focus on value adding activities.

A key aspect of a sound financial statement process is ensuring that the financial statements are mathematically correct, internally consistent and where appropriate, agree to the prior year statements. These checks are often manually performed by staff and are required to be repeated for the multiple versions of the financial statements.

KPMG Financials Checker brings you a digital solution to automate this process and these checks performed. This results in increased capacity for staff usually during high pressure times and provides a greater level of confidence in the automated checking performed. The tool is also not limited to financial statements and can be used on any report that contains numbers and internal referencing.

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What are the benefits to you?


Simple tool that automates the financial statement checking process.


Helps to reduce risk of human error of missing issues, therefore improving the quality and confidence of the financial statement checking process.


Reduces time spent by team members and managerial staff reviewing multiple versions of the financial statements.


Simple Microsoft Excel add-in that does not require an Internet connection, just the ability to print to Adobe PDF.


Designed to not only cater for a variety of different financial statements, but any reports with numbers and internal referencing.


Improved team morale by reducing the manual and repetitive task of checking multiple versions of financial statements.

Variety of uses

Financials Checker can be used on any report that contains numbers or internal referencing.

Board reports
Investor presentations
ASX announcements
Audit and risk committee papers
Regulatory returns
Monthly management reporting

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